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I'm also a Writer!

In addition to directiing, I've been very fortunate to find some success as a playwright. Here's are some of my published, produced, and available works, along with how to read or license them.

Triassic Parq: The Musical

Music by Marshall Pailet
Book and Lyrics by Bryce Norbitz, Marshall Pailet, and Steve Wargo

It's "Jurassic Park" told from the perspective of the dinosaurs, centering on their gender identity struggles as an all-female-bred, faith-based tribe's lives come to chaos when one of their members spontaneously grows a member, because of the frog DNA. This is a musical. And one of my most favorite things I've ever worked on.  

Click here for licensing info and to read the script for free!

Fakespeare's "Clew"

An unauthorized parody in verse of a screenplay by Jonathan Lynn and a story by Jonathan Lynn and John Landis
By Steve Wargo

It's "Clue", but reset in 1606 and performed entirely in iambic pentameter as a Tudor era farce. This was the first play to open in front of a live, paying audience in NYC in April of 2021 (under the title "Clu-eth") as part of Resounding's first season of live immersive audio works. It's ready for a full staging! Contact me for a perusal copy!

inspired by the history, folklore, and ghosts of the Hudson Valley, including "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving 
By Steve Wargo

A dark, immersive reexamination of the tale of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman as told some twenty years after the "fact" by a mature Katrina Van Tassel and her guests at her annual Harvest Ball. Memories and gossip are the fuel of the many legends told here, and one person's ghost may be another's lies. Contact me for a perusal copy!

The Legends of Sleepy Hollow

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